Links, publications etc.

I thought I should list the places where you can read my fiction or watch me play, so here’s a little list of links.  Simply googling my name would probably bring them all up, and more.


My story Filmland was published in the Horrorzine, and reprinted in their best of anthology, A Feast of Frights.  It will also appear in the forthcoming best of best of anthology, featuring the highlights from their first four books.

A wee Christmas story of mine was in the Christmas 2011Estronomicon, the ezine from Screaming Dreams Press.

My poem The Parting was selected for a National Galleries of Scotland print collection, but I don’t know which one – I’ve never actually seen the book.

My story A Glimpse of the Future is in the July 2013 issue of Lovecraft eZine, and you can hear read aloud in the issue 25 podcast.

Filmland is due to be podcast soon by the excellent Tales to Terrify.

Eastern Promise was published in the July 2013 issue of Crowded magazine

There is some music-related stuff and videos mainly of me playing guitar on my YouTube channel.  I appear on some other people’s videos as well if you search for me.

I am a member and regular book reviewer for the British Fantasy Society and member of the Glasgow Science fiction Writers’ Circle


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