Hello from the Scottish horror writing badminton playing guitarist.

I have a blog now, and I’m not sure what to do with it yet.  As and when I think of things to say that are interesting enough to share with the world I’ll put them here.  In the meantime, here’s a warning of what to expect.

My public life has three main strands: music, horror fiction/ movies and badminton, so those are the subjects I’m most likely to write about.  I also have a wife, some offspring and somewhere to live, but most of that stuff is not for sharing unless I decide to market someone else’s project here.

MUSIC: I make a living teaching and playing guitar and bass guitar to teenagers in Glasgow schools.  I play in a Proclaimers tribute band (3 Claimers – check us out).  I tutor and play with the Glasgow Schools big Band, and I do occasional other gigs.  I also play trumpet and drum kit, sing a bit, write arrangements for bands, brass sections etc.

HORROR: I’ve been an enthusiast of horror stories and movies since I was a child, and in the last three or four years I’ve written a few things of my own, some of which have been published, some due for publication soon.  I review books for the British Fantasy Society, of which I’m a member.  Future publications and news will be posted here, and I’ll probably post some movie reviews, just for fun.  I enjoy the help and support of the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers’ Circle, whose area of expertise is wider than the name suggests.

By the way, you’re welcome to send me your book if you want it reviewed on here, but my reviews are always honest and sometimes harsh.  On the other hand, if I think your book is truly awful, I just won’t publish a review at all.

BADMINTON: I play badminton 2-4 times a week, and am not as good as I should be, but I enjoy it and I’m trying to improve.  Any news on that is unlikely to be of interest to the world, but I might share anything radical that happens.  I also run a bit, and try to do a Parkrun every week.  My closest is the Eglinton Parkrun in Irvine, which I’ve managed to get every week since it launched seven weeks ago.  I’ll earn my 100 t-shirt later this month.

I suspect my other minor enthusiasms – curry, beer, malt whisky – will not make it into any real blogs.  Such banalities are for Facebook.

Think of this post as a practice.  I promise that after this I will only post when I have something intelligent to say and I wont feed you my daily drudgery.

Thank you World.